Talk to your computer


  What is GoMad ?  

GoMad is a speech recognition system that allows you to control applications using your voice as input, instead of the mouse or keyboard. It can be used with most of windows-based applications. In addition to pre-configured voice commands, GoMad can create voice commands dynamically out of popup menus and menu bars. Voice commands can generate simple keystrokes, or mouse moves and clicks, or do any operation, like starting programs or shutting windows down. If you are a python programmer you will be able to link voice commands with complex operations. It is published under the GNU Lesser General Public license, and available free for download.

  Who should GoMad ?  
  GoMad can be used to enhance the way you use desktop applications and increase your productivity. It allows you to add voice commands to control almost every Windows-based application . It can also serve people with disabilities to better use desktop applications.  
  Why GoMad ?  

GoMad could enhance your computer's experience and can assist you at your work effectively, where one voice command could replace many mouse moves, clicks and keystrokes, to accomplish a specific operation.GoMad supports also dynamic voice command creation, by adding more control automatically. This feature actually concerns popup menus (like your start menu and sub-menus) and menu bars. Future versions will automatically give access to applications shortcuts and dialog boxes.

  Why I wrote GoMad ?  
  I had a chirurgical operation in my left hand, and I was not able to use the keyboard and mouse simultaneously. I wrote GoMad to help myself...It worked for me, I hope it will work for everyone too.  
  Voice command profiles  

A command profile is a group of voice commands for a specific application. Multiple profiles can be loaded and used at the same time. Actually the following profiles are available:

  1. Keyboard profile
  2. Natural keyboard profile
  3. Explorer profile
  4. Dynamic profiles
  System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows 2000 with at least service pack 4 (English versions only).  
  Minimum Hardware Requirements: 233MHz Pentium 2 processor or equivalent, 128 MB of RAM. A high quality microphone.  
  Software requirements:
  1. Microsoft text to speech engine
  2. Microsoft speech recognition engine version 5.1
  3. GoMad for Windows
    (Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.)  

Step 1: Install speech components

From Microsoft Speech - Speech SDK 5.1 for Windows® applications download and install the speech sdk 5.1 (68 MB..ouch!!!. I know, it is the SDK, but I do not have the rights to create a smaller redistributable)

Step 2: Configure speech and recognition engines

  1. Open Speech from control panel.
  2. In the Speech Recognition Tab press Configure Microphone button and follow the instructions
  3. Press the Train profile button and follow the instructions

Step 3: Install GoMad

From download and unzip it to any folder. Run gomad.exe from within the distribution folder. If you're asked for a missing DLL, search for this DLL on your computer then copy it to the same folder of gomad.exe.

  GoMad is now in its earlier version. It is not very user-friendly and worst, you can encounter many bugs and errors. I'm working to make it better. Later I will publish guides for developpers and users. Do not hesitate to send me your suggestions to