Dynamic profiles


Dynamic profiles are created on the fly when a window is activated or a popup menu is opened.

Let's say you started gomad, you can now say "start menu" (see Natural Keyboard Profile )to open the start menu. Now all menu items becomes accessible as voice commands. For example if you say "programs" the "Programs" sub menu will be expanded and all menu items inside it will become accessible by voice commands. This rule is applicable even if the popup menu was opened with another input device, like a mouse right click on an icon.

The menu bars in some applications are accessible by voice commands. To open a menu from the menu bar you should say "menu" followed by the menu name. For example if you start IE, to open the File menu, you should say "Menu File". To open the favorites menu, say "Menu Favorites". Remember that each time you open a popup menu, the menu items will become available, like in the favorites menu, you can open a link by reading it.