Natural keyboard profile


This profile defines shortcut keyboard functions wich are combinations of windows key + another key


Voice command Action

Start menu

Left windows key

Right windows key

Opens the start menu. Equivalent to hitting the left or right win key
Hold windows key/Hold left windows key Holds down the left win key
Release windows key/Release left windows key Releases the left win key
Hold right windows key Holds down the right win key
Release right windows key Releases the right win key
Minimize windows Minimizes all windows - Equivalent to win key + M
System properties Opens the system properties window - Equivalent to win key + Pause
Open my computer Opens My Computer - Equivalent to win key + E
Search for file/Search for folder Opens the search for files or folders dialog box - Equivalent to win key + F
Search for computers Opens the serachfor computers dialog box - Equivalent to Ctrl+ win key+ F
Windows help Opens windows help- Equivalent to win key + F1
Open run dialog Opens the run dialog box - Equivalent to win key + R