Explorer profile


The exoplorer profile defines short cut commands to use with windows explorer and text editors.


Voice command Action
Copy Item,Copy Items Equivalent to Ctrl+C
Cut Item,Cut Items Equivalent to Ctrl+X
Paste item,Paste items Equivalent to Ctrl+V
Undo action Equivalent to Ctrl+Z
Delete Items Equivalent to Delete key
Purge Item,Purge Items Equivalent to Shift+Delete
Rename Item Equivalent to F2
Control and right/Next word Jumps to the next word in text editors - Equivalent to Ctrl+Right
Control and left/Previous word Jumps to the previous word in text editors - Equivalent to Ctrl+Left
Control and down/Next paragraph Jumps to the next paragraph in text editors - Equivalent to Ctrl+Down
Control and up/Previous paragraph Jumps to the previous paragraph in text editors - Equivalent to Ctrl+Up
Control shift and right/Highlight block right Highlighs the right block - Equivalent to Ctrl+Shift+right
Control shift and left/Highlight block left Highlighs the left block - Equivalent to Ctrl+Shift+left
Control shift and down/Highlight block down Highlighs the lower block - Equivalent to Ctrl+Shift+down
Control shift and up/Highlight block up Highlighs the upper block - Equivalent to Ctrl+Shift+up
Shift and right/Highlight item right Highlighs the right item - Equivalent to Shift+right
Shift and left/Highlight item left Highlighs the left item - Equivalent to Shift+left
Shift and down/Highlight item down Highlighs the lower item - Equivalent to Shift+down
Shift and up/Highlight item up Highlighs the upper item - Equivalent to Shift+up
Select All Items Selects all items - Equivalent to Ctrl+A
Search for/Search for files/Search for files or folders Search for file/Search for folder - Equivalent to F3 pressed on the desktop
Find item/Find items Search for item or text - Equivalent to Ctrl+F in text editors
Open item Opens the open file dialog in editors - Equivalent to Ctrl+O
Item properties Opens the item properties window - Equivalent to Alt+Enter
Close Window/Exit program Closes the active window - Equivalent tp Alt+F4
Close child window Closes the active child window in MDI application - Equivalent to Ctrl+F4
Address bar list Opes the menu list visible in the active window ( Lik the addres bar in IE)
Item's menu Opens the selected item' menu - Equivalent to a right click on the item
Window's System menu Opens the active window system popup menu - Equivalent to Alt+space bar
Refresh window Refresh the active window - Equivalent to F5