Keyboard profile


The keyboard profile defines voice commands that generates keystrokes. Function keys like the ones provided on an internet keyboard are defined too.


Voice command Action
Escape,Cancel Hits the escape key
Function one Hits the F1 key
Function two Hits the F2 key
Function three Hits the F3 key
Function four Hits the F4 key
Function five Hits the F5 key
Function six Hits the F6 key
Function seven Hits the F7 key
Function eight Hits the F8 key
Function nine Hits the F9 key
Function ten Hits the F10 key
Function eleven Hits the F11 key
Function twelve Hits the F12 key
Print Screen Hits the Print Screen key
Numeric lock Hits the Num Lock key
Do Pause Hits the Pause key
Do Delete Hits the Delete key
Backspace Hits the Backspace key
Go Home Hits the Home key
Go End Hits the End key
Go Page down Hits the Page Down key
Go Page up Hits the Page Up key
Do Insert Hits the Insert key
Do Tab Hits the Tab key
Caps lock Hits the Caps Lock key
Enter,Return Hits the Enter key
Go up Hits the Up key
Go down Hits the Down key
Go left Hits the Left key
Go right Hits the Right key
Control,Left control Hits the left Ctrl key
Right control Hits the right Ctrl key
Hold control,Hold left control Holds down the left Ctrl key
Release control,Release left control Releases the holden left Ctrl key
Hold right control Holds down the right Ctrl key
Release right control Releases the holden right Ctrl key
Alt,Left Alt Hits the left Alt key
Right Alt Hits the right Alt key
Hold Alt,Hold left Alt Holds down the left Alt key
Release Alt,Release left Alt Releases the holden left Alt key
Hold right Alt Holds down the right Alt key
Release right Alt Releases the holden right Alt key
Shift,Left shift Hits the left Shift key
Right shift Hits the right Shift key
Hold shift,Hold left shift Holds down the left Shift key
Release shift,Release left shift Releases the holden left Shift key
Hold right shift Holds down the right Shift key
Release right shift Releases the holden right Shift key
Special keyboard functions (commands available even if they are not present on your keyboard)
Volume Up Raises the volome up
Volume Down Lowers the volume down
Volume Mute Mute volume
Media next track Jump to the next track on the played CD
Media previous track Jump to the previous track on the played CD
Media Play,Media Pause Pause/Play Media
Media Stop Stop Media
Browser back Similar to the browser back button
Browser forward Similar to the browser forward button
Browser refresh Refresh the browser
Browser stop Stop browser' navigation
Browser search Open the search dialog box in the browser
Browser favorites Open the browser favorites dialog box
Browser home,Start browser Open the default browser/Simulates the browser Home button
Start mail Starts your default mail program